Keywords play the leading role in Search Engine Optimization. One should know which keyword to use to get a particular page. It can be a word or many words. It tells search engines about the content of your website.

To find the necessary information people should enter the appropriate keywords. If a person’s keyword matches the keywords of your site, then your site will show up in the result.

The result on the search engine is shown as a list which is commonly referred to as ranking, which depends on different factors including quality, performance, relevance, and authority of the site.

Keywords are the bridge between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need.

The main goal in ranking on search engines is to drive organic traffic to the site from the search engine result pages. Keywords will determine what kind of traffic you get. It works the same as Instagram tags which show users who use these tags.

Unique keywords on the website help to reassure users that you have on your site what they are after. once you get all information From your target audience and you know about their requirements you will need to create a list of keywords to target.

For example, there is a shop selling ice cream and you want to get an order online so you will write ice-cream shop near me which will show you all the ice-cream shops which are near you. But if you wrote shops near me then it will show all shops which are near you so to find a particular ice-cream shop you will need to write ice-cream shop so it can show you the particular result as you want.

So keywords we are using should be meaningful and appropriate to our findings. Even though a keyword may have a lot of search traffic, you always want to ask yourself if that keyword will bring you quality traffic.

Once you have a keyword list then you will either need to include them in existing content or create new content to bring the crowd to your site. There are four places where you can use keywords to start improving your ranking.

  1. Include keywords in page titles
  2. Include keywords in meta descriptions
  3. Include keywords in URLs.
  4. Include keywords in the content.

After including them on-site it is important to keep track of how those keywords perform. Tools like google analytics will help you see if the targeted pages are receiving more traffic or resulting in more conversations. The ranking works weekly where new content is always being created. That’s why tracking keywords perform is important. Keyword maintenance helps you to keep ahead of your competitors and helps to attract a crowd.

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