Are you a beginner? Do you want to start a blog in 2022? You don’t know where to start and how to start a blog in 2022. Don’t worry you are exactly on the right track that matches your curiosity. In fact, this article is the ultimate beginner’s guide about How to Start a Blog in 2022.

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Let us first know why you should go about blogging in 2022.

Blogging Growth Statistics
Source: Semrush

Seems so alluring statistics right. That is to say, these stats are references and inspiration for you to gear up your blogging intention.

However, this is not only the rigid point to start. Blogging is not an overnight job to success. You have to carry out a lot more dedication in this field. Moreover, as a newbie, if you are greatly passionate about writing on any topic is an additional gain. Blogging, in fact, is writing articles on different subject matter.

Blogging doesn’t require any technical knowledge like Programming skills or software information. If you are really confined in this matter, you just need is your first step. Rest is covered up within a single. That means you can set up your blog in a single day and can elevate yourself with your writing passion.

Some Earning potential of Blogger

If you talk about earning potential of bloggers, then the sky is the limit. That is to say, opportunities are endless like Google Ads, Affiliate links, sponsored content, and other different projects that give hypes to your monetization.

Believe me, once you establish yourself in this industry and grow your audience, you will earn more very decent amount that sustains your freedom life.

Competition in Blogging

In this scenario, it will be not easy to grow easily in the industry. If you see the competition, it’s high. Despite having cutthroat competition, you have got still a chance to grow and earn a decent amount. Now you want to see, how this could be possible?

Well, you have come to this place means you really got a passion for your writing. You also know some sort of earning possibilities from blogging. However, you want some guides before stepping your first step.

Don’t worry, we will definitely walk you through a lot of stuff and guidelines that make your journey perfect in the first row.

What are the earlier steps of Blogging journey?

The very earlier step of your blogging journey comes to start with buying a Domain name and Web-hosting.

Now you would probably be thinking of what does this Domain and hosting shit? In fact, these two names are the gateway to any blogger like you. Let’s see what do these two terms mean;

Domain Name:-

Domain names are the ones that identify your website. That is to say, it’s the name of your site in general terms like “”.

URL - Uniform Resource Locator

Now the point comes to how would you get the domain name of your site. See there is an adequate number of cloud-based servers available on google you can register your domain name from there.


Hosting is the space inside the web where your domain name website will host. For instance, hosting lets your website maintain your database, private files, information, website reliability, page maintenance, and many more of your website.

Well, you are now slightly near to How to Start Blog in 2022. But,

What are the things to consider before start a blog?

Blogging is meant to explore your writing passion, share information, explore under your prime niche. Literally, it’s a more time-consuming, long-term investment. Your earning will depend on your effort.

Always think about your readers before you write something. Feel the pain points that mean what your audience is actually wanting inside your niche, find this. If you give value, you will earn value. Mind it!!

Most importantly, you must consider below things before you start your blog;

1. Blogging needs lot more Effort

Undoubtedly, it’s a bitter truth that without effort you cannot achieve the height in blogging.

In fact, every work needs full effort to succeed so on in blogging. Intending to blogging and planning to do a blog is not enough to succeed. You have to give full attention while you blog.

Blogging needs lot more Effort
Some basic efforts are given below that you need to pursue:-
  • Choosing a profitable niche
  • Design your blog
  • selecting the hot topics and useful topics
  • doing more research for the topics
  • write passionately with love and effort
  • rewriting and editing
  • Sourcing images
  • Backlinking, internal linking, external linking
  • managed SEO optimize article
  • promoting you blog on various social networks

After having all this effort, it is still not enough because you need to be consistent with mental strength and patience for this. It might take a couple of months or even years to establish properly a profitable blogger.

Therefore, if you are strictly aware of all the above things, then you are welcome in this journey.

2. Making money with blog is slightly hard but not impossible

In fact, blogging is a long-term investment.

You come across to know that many bloggers around the world earn a lot of money through their blog which is fairly right and you can also reach that height soon. But not easily at the initial moment.

You must put your effort wisely and sustain years of works. Write the blog for reasons. Add value to people’s lives. Don’t expect quick earning in your initial days. Assume your blogging as a startup. Work hard, write passionately and see the long-term investment.

 Making money with blog

If you do such conviction inside your mind, opportunities are endless and you will be the king ultimately.

3. Ensure Great Content

Your readers are your valuable audience. They come to your blog to get the most value-feeding content.

Therefore, you must assure great content that adds value to what they are seeking. Once you satisfy your readers with your content, then is future is in your hand.

That is to say, your readers will follow you next time and you will get repetitive visitors all the time.

Ensure Great Content

So, how much great service you can sparse just work on it. It will bring a win-win situation for your audience and for you. Definitely, you will grow in the end.

4. Socialize yourself with other bloggers

As we know that Network is net worth.

Your network determines your success in any field. Here, in our blogging industry follow the same.

Make sure that you aren’t posting the article and just writing. Go for maintaining relationships with different bloggers either from your niche or other niches.

Socialize yourself with other bloggers

In order to do so, make you available on various blogging communities’ platforms.

Hereunder I will suggest 7 various blogging communities that require you to promote your blog and socialize yourself:-
  1. BlogEngage
  2. DoSplash
  3. BizSugar
  4. Blokube
  5. Triberr
  6. GrowthHackers
  7. IndiBlogger

The abovementioned blogging communities help to grow you and your blog.

Most importantly, you will also know how the industry is growing, which direction is going, you will get trending topics for your niche, and even more. Therefore, go and socialize once you enter into the industry.

Can I Start A Blog in 2022 From Scratch?

If you reach here without skipping any words and subheadings of content, then you are really enthusiastic to start your blog from scratch and also want to earn a decent amount as other bloggers are doing.

So now, without any further ado, let’s walk through our main course to the actual topic of today.

Here are the steps to start a blog in 2022 in 8 simple steps:-

  1. Choose your niche
  2. Register your domain & choose your blogging platform 
  3. Get web hosting for your blog
  4. Install WordPress & set up your blog
  5. Blog designs and useful WordPress plugins
  6. Write your first blog post
  7. Grow your blog
  8. Monetize your blog

How To Start A Blog From Scratch In 2022? With Zero Experience?

Hereunder I am going to screw easy blog creation tips for the scratch level of blogger. He might know the basics or zero about blogging but also want to learn and implement it, then this is the blog you are waiting for.

Similarly, you will have a transparent path to start with after consuming all the detailed content of the whole article. I do hope you will cover this whole tutorial article before your leave from here.

Follow the below steps and create the fresh blog that you are desiring:-

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 1: Choose Your Blog’s Niche

Well, Blog’s Niche indicates the specified segment of the topic inside the blogging market. It can be, for instance, technology, parenting, childcare, blogging, online side hustle, business ideas, finance, pet, health and diets, music – whatever the topic is, your blog is specific for one purpose.

Here, your purpose is measured by your passion, skills, expertise in certain segments. Let’s suppose you are an internet entrepreneur and your expertise and skills are on internet-related business, in this way, your perfect suitable niche becomes an online business or makes money online or online side hustle. I hope you got your point.

Now, selecting your niche just because you are passionate about isn’t notch your growth. Make sure that how profitable is your niche. Research well on that. Having a blog just for writing isn’t enough to sustain. After all, you want the return of your time and passion investment. That’s why to catch the niche that matches your expertise and also puts you in the profit in the upcoming future.

Whenever you plan to choose your best suitable niche. Consider it:
  • What does you want to teach to your audience.
  • See you expertise flexibility on that segment.
  • See the advantages and leveraging part of that segment.
  • How you can withdraw the worth it value from that segment.

These parameters are to do follow for finding your perfect and profitable niche for the future. That will ensure the pure return of investment for long-term strategy.

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 2: Register your domain & choose your blogging platform 

When you finish planning your proper Niche. The next part of this journey is to register the domain name of your Niche. For example, you see our blog domain name is Here, is our domain name for our blog.

In the same way, you have to register a flexible domain name that perfectly identifies your blog’s niche. On the other hand, create your blog name or domain name easy to pronounce, easy to type, easy to remember, and most importantly make it easy to brand for the future.

Ok now you have done with your selection of appropriate profitable niches and you also have done with your domain registration.

Now the big questions come into anyone’s mind and that is,

Which blogging platform I should create my blog?

Oh don’t worry, we have a subtle direction for you. You might probably know that more than 37% of websites around the world are powered by WordPress. That means, most bloggers begin their blogging journey with the WordPress platform. You have got some hints. Right!!

When it comes to WordPress many people are confused with and

First of all, you have no to deal with this because it is hosted site on a web space by a hosting company that runs on the very popular WordPress software.

Secondly, is the one that you really need. You can simply download the WordPress site package and host it in your preferred hosting service providers. It is called a self-hosted blog.

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 3: Get web hosting for your blog

In this zone, you have to be more curious and careful. Since you will launch a self-hosted web blog, and this is the reason your Web-hosting service provider plays a vital role to run your website smoothly 24/7, responsively, and fully more search engine optimized(SEO).

You might be thinking that I know about the domain, about web-hosting but what about the best hosting service providers. Hang on! your curiosity is more obvious because there are plenty of web-hosting service providers companies in the market. Each and every company claims the best service provider of their own. In the crowd of best, how would you find the perfect match?

We would recommend our trustworthy ideal choice for you and here we go-

Why Cloudways an Ideal Choice for Blogging Website?

Firstly, let’s understand the main concept behind the service of Cloudways.

Cloudways is a cloud-based hosting service that offers you the affordable hosting service that you desire.

Key features:
  • Very simple to use and choice is in your hand. For example, Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, aws, Google Cloud are the cloud hosting providers under one roof of Cloudways. You can choose any one of them according to your choice and data centers.
  • Unlimited applications.
  • Innovatice control panel.
  • 24/7/365 expert support.
  • Free SSL ceritificates.
  • Free migration.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Automated backups
  • managed security

You will be facilitated a well digital experience with a hassle-free hosting service and you just focus on your blog or business properly.

If you are really keen to start your first ever blog and are a bit more confused about your hosting purchase.

Don’t hesitate to check this

Your small step determines your whole future and with Cloudways hosting you can accelerate your blogging trip more powerfully and reliably. Moreover, also find the perfect match plans for your web-hosting purchase while you surf through our referral link.

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 4: Install WordPress & set up your blog

One of the very cool parts I wanna disclose in this section is, Installing WordPress through Cloudways is like boiling water on the pot.


Of course, WordPress can be installed automatically on your domain name when you finish purchasing a hosting plan from Cloudways within a few simple steps.

After installation of your WordPress, on the other hand, the next important part is to set up your blog for branding and to post useful content.

How do set up your blog from the beginning?

When the point comes to setting up your blog for working is a simple and stepwise process which is given below:-

  • Very first step goes from cloudways. Next, you wil land here
Cloudways - Cloud Hosting Platform

All you need to do is click on the red-spotted button called View pricing plan. Next to it, you will land on all pricing plans,

These pricing plans are under your preference and according to your capital and investing capacity choose the right one. We recommend the most popular plan of Digital Ocean.

Hit the Start Free button. Then, you drop to the next page and that is,

This is so simple as you have to fill up here with your essential credentials.

Following to next page,

What is the best part of Cloudways Web Hosting?

One of the cool parts of Cloudways is you get 3 days free trial on any plan without your debit or credit card. How awesome is it? Cloudways is confident about their strong service in this matter as you can calculate yourself.

On the first red-spotted are you should select your application, simple site name, server name, and again site name.

On the other part, select your preferred server. At this time, we are assuming you beginner so go with Digital Ocean, Linode, or VULTR. Check the pricing plan, server location of each, and grab it.

After all, is done, you are then ready to go with your basic 3 days free trial without requiring any debit or credit card. Similarly, it will take around 5-8 minutes to set up your server and you IP address of your server. So, wait patiently until it happens.

Now, one important part to remember is Cloudways does not allow you to buy Domain names through them. To lunch your site, you need your domain name.

How can you buy your Domain Name?

Well, I will suggest you buy your domain from Namecheap (the popular name in the industry of domain name providers).

When you finish up your Domain name purchasing. You will have now registered an authentic domain of your own and then you can attach it to the domain management system of the Cloudways server. See how

Click on the APPLICATIONS tab.

And then click on your server as indicated on the image.

Then, click on Domain Management System.

After that, click put the domain name you purchase on Namecheap and just click on save changes.

So the next step is to click back on to the server.

Then, click back to your server.

Now, under master credentials, you will see Public IP. You have to copy this IP and paste it on the DNS record of your Namecheap dashboard which can be seen like this.

The first click on add new record, then, A record after that whole point goes like below.

In this way, you can copy your public IP and Domain Name in a very simple way.

One important thing to notice is that this public IP is copied at the Namecheap domain service provider. That doesn’t mean this IP is not valid on other domain name service providers. Here, I just give the processor example of Namecheap. That is why, wherever you domain name purchase, you can simply go and copy this IP on the DNS server. All set!!

How to Install SSL Certificate in Cloudways Web Hosting?

The next part is Installing an SSL certificate on your website. To do so,

Click again in server applications.

Then, click on your server.

Next, click head to SSL Certificate.

how to start a blog in 2022 | Cloud Ways

Next, type your E-mail address and your domain name there. Then, click on the install certificate button simply. Also, give Cloudways to few seconds to launch your free SSL Certificate. Then,

how to start a blog in 2022 | Cloud Ways

At last, hit the button Enable HTTPS just to establish your free SSL Certificate to your website hosted on Cloudways.

How to access WordPress Dashboard from Cloudways Web Hosting?

Now it’s time to access your WordPress dashboard. To do this, see here,

how to start a blog in 2022 | Cloud Ways

Click on access details. Then,

how to start a blog in 2022 | Cloud Ways

Next click on the arrow button of the admin panel. Similarly, don’t forget to copy the username and password mention inside the red rectangular border because after clicking on that arrow you will be directed to your admin login page.

how to start a blog in 2022 | Login WordPres

Then, paste your username and password here and simply do login afterward. Next is going to be awesome and that is you will be in your WordPress admin dashboard.

how to start a blog in 2022 |  WordPress - Dashboard

Look what your WordPress dashboard looks like. So awesome right.

Now you have completed your blog setup part from start to end. Actually, now the initial journey begins of your for here that is writing your first blog and going to live on Google.

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 5: Blog designs and useful WordPress plugins

Definitely, Blog designs still matter to some part for your website visitors.

As we can see you have done you you have selected your niche, domain name, hosting purchase, and already set up your blog too. Also, you have landed on your WordPress dashboard too.

Now it’s time to take a look a little bit at your design part too.

When it comes to design, In my mind, the first impression is always the final impression. In the same vein, your design is the eye on the impression for your visitors. Therefore, here comes your responsibility to give a beautiful design theme for your blog.

Hang on! How do I manage these beautiful Blog Themes?

Don’t worry, you have already come to an in-depth part of our content. Similarly, we don’t want you to go empty hand after coming to this point.

So, when it comes to a beautiful blog theme we have got covered for you and it is RaraThemes.

Talking about Rare Themes, easy to use, responsive, mobile-friendly, SEO friendly, and have a lot of essential features with awesome support. It has both free and premium WordPress themes that you can select for your blog themes.

how to start a blog in 2022 | Rara Themes

The above pictures are an overview of Rara Themes. You can select any one of the themes that match your niche. Similarly, we do hope you will drop us a comment below to get some recommendations on which these can be perfect for you. Most importantly, go with premium themes if you want to long run on the blogging sector because premium themes give you all essential features plus required support.

What are Some Useful WordPress Plugins?

Talking about by far useful WordPress plugins to enhance your website feature is the one that can’t be apart from your site.

WordPress plugins are the set of tools that integrate into your WordPress and excel the functionality of your website.

Having your useful WordPress plugins installed on your website means accelerating the speed and search engine optimization of your website.

Let’s focus on that Plugins:-

1. Elementor Pro
how to start a blog in 2022 | WordPress - Page Builder - Plugin

Elementor Pro is the professional page builder on the WordPress site. Almost all bloggers use this plugin to create their landing pages, about us page, the home page, and various pages and block according to your need.

Moreover, I do use this plugin to create my many blog pages. You can enjoy here free version of the plugin whereas it has also a premium version to cover you much better and the next level of templates.

2. Yoast SEO
how to start a blog in 2022 | WordPress - SEO - Plugin

This is another best and useful tool as well as a useful plugin that manages your website ranking on google and also optime well enough for your search engines. You can manage your robots.txt, sitemap, page titles, post titles, meta descriptions with Yoast SEO plugins.

3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer
how to start a blog in 2022 | WordPress - image Optimizer - Plugin

In my point of view, this plugin is the one that anyone needs. It enables you to compress all of the images that you will add to your blog post, pages, and banner without disturbing the original quality of your images. Isn’t that interesting?

Obviously, it does. That’s why make sure you have installed this plugin in any way within your blog.

4. MonsterInsights
how to start a blog in 2022 | WordPress - Analytics - Plugin

The right analysis of your activities can make your business grow. In the same vein, MonsterInsights gives you access to manage your Google Analytics dashboard and made easy to use your website stats.

Actually, after you use this plugin, you can track your website growth and plan for new strategies for the sake of your website.

5. iThemes Security
how to start a blog in 2022 | WordPress - Security - Plugin

The helpful part of this plugin is that it maintains the security level of your WordPress website. In fact, every 39 seconds in the web world security hack happens in any way. However, with the use of the iThemes Security Plugin within your WordPress, you will enjoy the full security of your website.

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 6: Write Your First Blog Post

Now, at this point in time, your target is to publish your first ever blog post.

To do this, make sure you have a clear purpose for your blog. As you represent your domain and niche, in the same vein, your upcoming articles are services that justify your niche.

Let us suppose, we are and we specially write blog posts regarding blogging tips, online money-making tips.

You should take inspiration in the same way.

Publishing your first blog post means not that easy for instance. Keyword research, content research, competitors research are all necessary factors.

To do this basic research about your niche, what’s your competitor posting, what are the trending post and topic, trending keywords, and so on regarding your content strategy from tools like Semrush, Ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, etc.

Once you finish your research on the topic for the post then you will get an insight into how to do it and what to do next. on the other hand, trying for better is far better than perfection. Whether you are a beginner is not a problem. Do more research and start with small steps. Once you crawl, you will definitely learn to fly at the end.

How to get rid of Grammatical Errors while writing your Blog Post?

I have experienced that writing is not an easy task to complete. In the crawling phase, you will face a lot of Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and other minute mistakes which you will not figure out easily. So, I would like to suggest Grammarly the writhing assistant that ensures your Grammarly is error-free during your writing journey.

how to start a blog in 2022 | Great Writing, Simplified - Grammarly

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 7: Grow Your Blog

Another prevailing part is growing your blog.

In fact, writing and publishing your blog isn’t the ultimate goal of blogging. Similarly, you have to keep the focus on how to enrich your blog post to Google ranking and readers’ search pages.

There are different factors to grow your blog and at least you should try to address all those methods to grow your blog.

  • Focus on SEO of your blog articles which will help you to rank on Google search engine. Play with more relevant and effective focus keyword (“the term that searcher searh on google search bar”). Make sure your meta title, meta descriptions ensures focus keyword plus and more call to action. That means, writ compelling heading and description that get clicks.
how to start a blog in 2022 | Grow Your Blog
  • Put your more efforts for On-page SEO, make your post more readers-friendly. Make a content format like head content, inner content and conclusion. Make sure you include relevant images and Alt txt (text that added on the backgraound of your image) use in it. Use internal links (links that contain the link attach of your own article of your site), external links (links tha you attach to your blog post of other site) and backlinks (links of your site that is attach to other site) to make your site more authorize and to generate traffic source.
  • Post the link of your site on different social media. Be on Blogging community. Share your ideas and post your blog link there. You will get traffic sources.

These are certain tricks from my side to grow your blog in the initial phase which cost nothing but your time and efforts.

How To Start A Blog in 2022, Step 8: Monetize Your Blog

Here’s comes to the cool part of our today’s session which is monetizing your blog.

In fact, your blog is your asset. Your investment. That is to say, the more you give your time, effort, and money, the more you need returns. Isn’t it?

Of course, in the same way, your blog must return your investment with some monetary flow. That could be possible when you set your blog for proper monetization.

Monetization in the sense, you can earn money through your blog.

Here, in the first phase, you can start your blog income through Google Adsense. With the pace of time, you can expand your income source from your blog like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling your own product or services, branding, and many more. Opportunities are endless.

Make sure you have created basic pages of your website like the About Us Page, Privacy Policy Page, Contact Us Page, and Terms and Condition Page. It’s because Google Adsense won’t approve your monetization through ads request without these pages. I hope you got it!

Final Conclusion For How to Start A Blog in 2022

Ok great to realize that you have read the whole session without ever skipping any sentences. I believe that you are extremely serious about how to start a blog in 2022.

To remind you yet again, Blogging is a long-term investment you put for yourself. Starting a blog doesn’t mean you will start income from the next day. You need great patience, tireless effort, passion to write, research ability, and great content strategy. Whatever amount you came across to know about blogger income, genuinely you will also start to earn that figure only after you focus on your tireless effort.

Some quick rewind;

As we already discuss before, you need your domain name and hosting as the first step.

To buy a domain name go to and purchase your plan.

To buy hosting, our best recommendation is as that is also discussed fully above.

After which you should set up your blog, use proper themes for your blog and the theme we primely recommend is Rara Themes.

After you design your blog with a beautiful theme and then insert some useful plugins to make your website more effective.

The next duty is to write your first blog that will live on Google. To write that, you must do some keyword research and a trending topic to cover. Make sure you have done all on-page SEO for your post.

Overtime use internal links, external links in your blog posts. Work out to get backlinks for your website which will boost your domain authority and you Google will perceive your Blog as a recommendation for your readers.

Last but not the least, do not forget that you are investing your time, skills, money, and day-night effort to make your blog more popular and have high returns on your investment. Money matter in the end. Therefore, also make the target to monetize your blog as much as possible. Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts, Branding all are your achieving point. That is why great content with monetizing value is essential.

Our wishes!!

Mainly, we want to express to you to be blessed with all new vibes on the occasion of Happy New Year of 2022.

All after this, I wish your 2022 blogging succession comes true. Just follow our every single detail to cater to your skills. You will find your destination ultimately.

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