Communication is key — with everything in life — and most definitely when it comes to a business as well. Making sure that everyone is well informed and on the same page is crucial to everything running smoothly and avoiding miscommunication problems that can be easily avoided.

In a world where a lot of people freelance or work remotely, video conferencing has become a must for online meetings and even events.

If you are starting a website for your startup you definitely need to rank higher on google and beat your competitors. It can help you achieve more sales and customers to your website.

If you own a small business — or any business, really — promoting it on social media is not really an option, but staying on top of posts and messages is a nightmare if you don’t use a social media management tool like Buffer.

There are a multitude of ways to promote your business nowadays, with social media being one of the most significant, but good old email remains the preferred marketing channel for 73% of consumers.

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