The giant social media company Facebook is rebranding its brand name into Meta.

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg recently announced at connect 2021 that the Facebook world is now turning into Metaverse, sounds like Universe right, fair enough it is just another chapter of the Internet world.

What Was Facebook Goal When Invented?

The very first time when Facebook was invented, the only intention of Zuckerberg is to connect the people around the world. He built the technology that people can interact with each other from wherever they are. 


Back in time, the internet was popular for finding almost anything Information, News, Movies, Music, Shopping except for the thing that matters for all of us; People. That’s where Facebook is the reason today we see. 

The Social Networking site discovered a new way to connect people back then. The DNA of Facebook always represents the space for interacting the people through technology.

After the invention of Facebook in 2004, the very first time today in 2021, Facebook has officially changed its brand name to Meta. That will bring jointly all Apps and technologies of Facebook under this new brand name called Meta.

Meta: Metaverse To Life

If you are very keen on the internet and use Social media, these days you possibly heard about Meta, a new Facebook name. 

Nothing is wrong here, actually, Facebook officially rebrands its company name announcing at event connect people 2021.

Metaverse is the world of virtual reality that lets you immerse and interact with the computer-generated environment. The next 3D universe of the Internet.

In this 3D space of Metaverse, a new social connection that will change the way you socialize, play games, virtual meetings, learn, collaborate, commerce, entertainment, and many more beyond your imagination.

Meta is the new brand name for Facebook where now all its major Apps and other technologies are combined together to form Metaverse. As a result, A new era of socialization in the internet world. Likely to be the next imaginary chapter of the Internet.

Meta: Virtual Reality 

Definitely, the Meta is bringing Virtual reality into their social networking technology and letting you explore in the metaverse world. But let us give you some hints about Virtual reality technology.

Virtual reality is an experience of exploring the artificial world with its equipment. Once you are equipped with that virtual reality equipment you will immerse and experience the Metaverse like you have never been before.

The same kind of technology is now introduced in Meta, you will be fully absorbed in realistic 3D worlds. You will feel like you are in another world mentally and physically.

All in all the mainstream potential it contained is to transform how we communicate, learn, work, play, and experience the beautiful world around us.  

Meta has put forward a new social evolution to the world. Similarly, its virtual reality features will create such immersive 3D spaces that let us explore and step into another unimaginable Internet world.

Meta: Augmented Reality

This upcoming hybrid’s online social experience is also adapting Augmented reality through which you can enhance your shared experiences of photos and videos with playful virtual effects.

In other words, this will help communicators, creators, businesses, advertisers, or gamers to find a new path to express and brand new perspectives with the people that matter most.

Meta: Smart Glasses

The journey to metaverse is something that we were imagining as fiction but the truth is just one step ahead from us, Meta will be the truth. Meta will bring our dream to come true.

Here, Smart Glasses are the gateway to Metaverse. Once you are equipped with smart Glasses, you are all set to enter the world around you. Into the virtual reality world.

These Smart Glasses will be really smart to capture photos, videos, take phone calls, listen to music from your own unique perspective.

Facebook has always promised the privacy of its user. So as of now, Meta Smart Glasses are privacy-friendly and can be controlled with our reach.

It’s our preference for what we do with our Smart Glasses. Such as capturing photos, videos, voice commands, notifications, and managing the information that we share with Facebook.

Final thought for Metaverse

Meta is a new technology that Zuckerberg always dreamed of connecting people. He builds technology where people can interact with each other. He made easy online social experiences.

Now with Meta, both Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) will enhance the user experience to the hybrid level. 

It’s a game-changer momentum that Meta creates, the way we

  • communicate, 
  • commercialize, 
  • advertise, 
  • entertain, 
  • share our thoughts, 
  • collaborate, 
  • do our virtual meetings, 
  • used to learn, share social news, 
  • interact with people, family, friends, 
  • create content. 

Overall, everything will be beyond our imagination. You can teleport yourself to anywhere you would expect to go. 

In the long run, the company is converting 2D screens to 3D space of Metaverse where your traditional online social experience will turn into the new evolution of socialization. 

Stick to Meta. Many things are on the way to happening. Internet is changing its path to a dynamic world.

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