Do you want to start a blog or a new business on the internet in 2022? If yes, then you’ll need to register a domain name.

On this lovely night, I decided to write a good blog post about how to register a domain name properly in Nepal. We will also share a tip on how you can register a domain name in Nepal for free.

Since this is a complete guide, How to register a domain name properly in Nepal.

Before starting today’s topic, How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website In Nepal. We will like to share the list that we cover. I mean the steps for buying and registering your domain name.

  • What is a domain name?
  • Where can you register a domain name?
  • How to select the best domain name?
  • Register a domain name properly?
  • [Bonus tips]How to get a domain name free?
  • Last Thoughts

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain or blog/business name refers to the location of a website on the internet. Let’s talk with the example. For example, my website name is BloggingCrow is a domain(name) and .com is a TLD(Top-Level Domain). Let’s see this image-1.


On this massive network of computers, there has a lot of websites. Every computer has its own IP address, and it looks like this:

So, This is not easy to remember.

To solve the problem, the domain name was introduced on 15 March 1985. Learn More

Where Can You Register A Domain Name?

To choose a good domain provider, you have to be more curious and careful.

Domain provider plays a vital role in your online career, like running your website smoothly 24/7, responsively, fully more search engine optimized, and much more.

Here, I suggest you go with PrabhuHost.

PrabhuHost is such a great hosting and domain name provider from Nepal.

How To Select The Best Domain Name?

Selecting a good domain name is the difficult part of your online journey.

If you have already selected a domain for your blog or website, then you can skip this section.

People will visit your site if you have a quality website or blog, no subject what the domain is, right?

But wait, the domain name is so important.

Just ask me, Why?

  • Domain name will be your site’s first impression.
  • It will affect your SEO or rank.
  • If it is long, then the visitor can’t memorize it.

How do you Select The Best Domain Name? Here is the point that you should apply before purchasing a domain name.

  1. Use .com, .org or .net (most popular ones).
  2. Use keywords in your domain name search.
  3. Keep your domain name short.
  4. Make it easy to pronounce and spell.
  5. Keep it unique and brandable.
  6. Avoid hyphens in the domain name.
  7. Avoid doubled letters.
  8. Leave room to expand.

Read More About, How To Select The Best Domain Name? ( Click Here )

Register A Domain Name Properly?

I have already mentioned in this blog post that I will use PrabhuHost to purchase a Domain Name.

So, Here is the Quick Start – Step’s To Register A Domain.

Step-1:- Go to Prabhu Host.

Step-2:- Pick your domain name and enter it into the Search box.

Step-3:- Select any extension and press at add button.

Step-4:- Hit the Checkout, Press Again Continue Button.

Step-5:- Hit the Checkout options again.

Step-6:- Fill the Information, and hit the complete order.

Step-7:- Now at last you need to payment.

After Payment, Congratulation you have successfully purchase a domain Name.

Ok, now go with a great explanation on ‘how to register a domain name in Nepal’ from one of the most trusted companies, PrabhuHost.

The very first is to open any browser like google chrome, opera, and others.

The next Step goes to google and searches Prabhu Host.

Prabhu Host

If you didn’t find Prabhu Host at google, then “Click Here” to direct jump into Prabhu Host.

Enter the Domain Name that you want to purchase.

Select one of them and hit the add options to grab the domain. ( My Suggestion is always select .com domain, Why learn More)

After that, you got an option called checkout. Hit that.

Domains Configuration

Domains Configuration is your next step in the configuration section you will set up DNS management, IP protection, and nameserver. (See The Picture To Understand Quickly)

DNS Management is the most important. It helps you to supervise your DNS. Learn More

ID Protection is one kind of service that prevents your private information like name, Gmail, address, and others from being displayed publicly in the global WHOIS database. Learn More

If you have a nameserver, then enter here. Or if you don’t have it. Right now, then you can skip this.

Finally Press the continue Option.

If you have a purchase a hosting as well then you can apply BLOGGINGCROW15 to get a 15% discount. Grab the Offer. like this👇

Promo Code is only apply when you purchase a hosting as well.

Once again, You need to hit the Checkout option.

Be careful at this moment. It is one of the most Important steps.

By mistakenly, if you fill in the wrong information in this section, then you have to face such a big problem. But don’t worry if you have done.

Prabhu Host Support team is really ready to help you at any time, any condition.

Thank god Finally filling in the information is done!

Now you need to pay the amount, and after payment.

Congratulation, you have successfully purchased a domain name.

[Bonus tips]How to get a domain name free?

To register a free domain name, you need an official document or your citizenship of Nepal. More Information you can go with their term and conditions.

Well, this is a free but official domain name of Nepal. To get a domain name, you must have an official document.

I like to give a quick guide about “how to get a domain name free?”

Step-1:- Go to

Step-2:- Pick your domain name and enter it into the Search box (your domain name must be similar to your document name).

Step-3:- If it is available, then you can be processed to register. If not, then you need once again to search.

Step-4:- If you have an account, fill in and hit the login options. If you don’t have one, then you need to create one.

Step-5:- Create an account by entering a piece of information.

You need to activate your account…

After verification, you need to log in with the same information that you have entered at the creating time.

Step-6:- Domain Request Form

To complete a domain request form you need to have a Nameserver, Administrative contact, Technical contact, and you need to read carefully their “terms and conditions”.

Fill the form….

Step-7:- Submit Required Documents

After completing all the submissions, you need to press a request domain option.

Now you need to wait for the approval.

Last Thoughts

I think you have a question about why I suggest Prabhu Host, am I right? Here are the reasons “Why Prabhu Host?”

Have you any questions related to this blog post? Please let me know in the comment section.

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