A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Post on Instagram in 2022

How to post on Instagram

Well, another Giant Social Media Platform Instagram, operated under the parent company, Meta. Altogether, Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users and 500 million daily active users Globally. This largest volume of users into this platform seems to be like a feasible advertising option for businesses, individuals, and influencers. So, here we got some step-by-step guide for How to Post on Instagram in 2022.

Why You Should Post On Instagram In 2022?

How to post on Instagram

As a matter of fact, Instagram has accumulated 4th ranked among top social media user platforms followed by Facebook (2.85 billion), Youtube(2.29 billion), WhatsApp(1.6 billion)

It is a great fortune for you to take the fullest leverage of such a platform having high potential for business, brand awareness, and also for personal branding.

While you can already imagine on your mind that with 500+ million daily active users around the Globe surf Instagram in that sense how you could take full advantage of it. 

If you haven’t created Instagram personal or business account yet, what are you waiting for, lets do it now. Believe in potential on the Instagram platform. The audience volume is high. Equally important, your marketing strategy will pull your business beyond your expectations.

How to Post on Instagram in 2022?

The beginning is never too late if you have the willpower to take off the flight. If you are a fresher on Instagram and don’t know how to post on Instagram in 2022, not to mention! We have got a back for you. Similarly, we decided to cultivate some fantastic and productive guides for you.

Additionally, we will be leading here on how to post on Instagram through PC and your smartphones. Let’s dive into our main course now;

How to Post on Instagram in 2022 Through PC?

In this case, you should have your PC either a Laptop or a Desktop computer.

All you need to do is to create your Instagram account. And to log in to your account. Thereafter, you will land on you home page of your Instagram account. So, our steps begin now; 

1. Tap on the [+] Icon on the Home screen

How to post on Instagram

This is the first chapter of your task today. While you logged in to your Instagram account and you will land on your home screen.

As soon as you landed, you come to see [+] Icon at the top right corner of your home screen. Oh, you see that. Great. 

Next, tap on that icon, and your next page will open instantly.

2. Upload Photos and Videos From Your Computer

How to post on Instagram

Right after you click that plus icon, your second chapter is to choose your files from the PC. 

Whatever you want to post either photos or videos, upload them from your computer. Correspondingly, Instagram also allows you to crop your images and videos in this step. So crop it as per your need.

3. Try Carousel Features of Instagram if You Have Multiples Images to Post

Try Carousel Features of Instagram

This is step is for those who have to show or post multiple images to their audience. Sometimes situations happened when you have posted more than one image in your post. In meantime, this carousel feature comes handy for you.

You can use these features in your second step but for that, you must tap on the icon like stacked squares below at the right corner. Next is your, post multiple images in a slideshow.

4. Edit Your Images And Videos

The next step is now to edit your files. In this portion, you can manage your files to your specifications and adjust them as you need them.

Similarly, you will get here two editing options and are Filters and Adjustments. 


Instagram Filters

In this section, different filters options come in front of you to make your images and videos way more attractive. Pursue your items of filters. Click on any one of them and watch that preview and lock it. Simple. If you just don’t to add any filters to your images then just simply click on Next. In this way, you will be in the normal state of your image.


Adjustments Instagram

So, it is also another editing part of this section. Here you got various adjusting options to apply to your files. And there are one-by-one states below:-

  • Brightness- This is really simple more than you think. In this option, you see a right-left sliding selector. That means, pull your selector left to darken your image and right to brighten your image. Sort it !!
  • Contrast- This means you have the option of adjusting the intensity of the image’s colors. So, drag left to dull your image intensity and right to higher image intensity.
  • Saturation- This is all about how much to saturate the colors in your images. So, same here too. Drag your selector left to desaturate your image all the way to the monochrome look and right to get extremely high saturated colors.
  • Temperature- Also known as warmth setting to your images. It’s all about increasing or decreasing your image temperature. So, drag your selector left to put cool tones to your images and right to put warm tones to your images.
  • Fade- It’s all about putting soft intensity black color in your image in order to show an aged photo effect. Drag the selector right to put a higher degree of fade.
  • Vignette- This adjustment is to create dark effects at each corner of your image. Set your image to put darkened effect to each corner leaving the circle shape in the center. Same way, drag your selector all the way right to make it a more substantial vignette.

Once you are done with all your editing options here and ready to move on next step, then simply just click on the next arrow button top right corner and jump in. 

5. Typing Your Caption

Typing Your Caption Instagram

Here you come in the most crucial aspect of Instagram post. Your post without a caption is like fish without water. 

Write an interesting caption here, don’t compromise your text here. Express your post with nice and magnetic words. It will optimize your Instagram post in the final stage. 

Emojis in your caption- play with attractive emojis out here. Don’t hesitate to attach emojis in your caption as they make your caption lucrative and attract your audience to read the whole caption.

Hashtags in your caption- Hashtags are your optimizing elements. Ultimately, relevant hashtags are the audience-grabbing elements. Searchers on Instagram search hashtags and in future hashtags in your post can bring your targeted audience too. 

6. Add Location In Your Post

It simply wants to indicate where your location belongs to or what the image or video’s location is. It’s just a kind of adding more information about your content. 

I don’t think that’s a bad idea. It gives your audiences and customers a sharp idea about the location of your post or the location of your business. So do it if you feel better option for you.

Rest are the options, depends on you. Accessibility and Advanced settings. In that sense, accessibility gives you the option to put alt text on your images and videos which means optimizing your images and videos. 

Another one is the advanced setting which means you can also turn off commenting on your post if you don’t want your audience to comment on your post. That’s it simple. Here is all you are done with your Posting on Instagram in 2022 Through PC

How to Post on Instagram in 2022 Through PC?

So if you see the posting options on Instagram from both PC and Smartphones that’s overall the same. Once you logged in through your Smartphones, you come to see overall identical options for posts. 

1. Tap [+] Icon available at Bottom of Home Screen

Tap on the plus icon and click the next arrow button. This option is also on smartphones so do as it is.

2. Choose Images or videos available in Your library

The process is the same as mentioned above. The only difference is you are on your smartphones right now otherwise steps are as it is. 

If you have multiple items to choose then you can go with the same carousel features. For this, just tap on the icon having a stacked squares button. Simple! 

Click the Next arrow after done!

3. Choose Filter and Edit It

Once again processes are the same as already mentioned above. Click on anyone filter option you wish to have over your images or videos. 

Similarly, edit it as per your need. Lots of options like adjust, Brightness, Contrast, Structure, Warmth, Saturation, Color, Fade, Highlights, Shadows, Vignette, Tilt-Shift, Sharpen are available to make a better version of your images or videos. So do it wisely.

4. Write Geniune Caption

Aforementioned everything how great captions play a vital role in your post engagement. It has the potential to grab the attention of your audience. 

Include emojis along with it. Also, don’t forget to add hashtags to your caption. This brings your searchers direct to your post.

5. Tag People

This option is optional. Tagging people or any other account is your choice of thing. If you don’t do it that doesn’t cost anything. 

But if you do it the post reaches their Instagram notifications in that sense you got your post engagement quickly from your tagged account. 

6. Adding location and Sharing it to Different Social Media

You can also add a location to your post if you want. There is no mandatory. It comes to you optional. 

when you do it, it truly identifies your post location or your business location. So it’s quite a good idea to do it. 

Lastly, You have the freedom to share that post on other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr but you have to link them with your Instagram account. Rest are Advanced settings. I would suggest no need to go through it if you are doing your Instagram post sincerely. 

Final Thoughts

So, this is all about a step-by-step guide for How to Post on Instagram in 2022. 

We already knew that now Instagram is operating under Meta. That means Instagram is coming under the Metaverse world. We suggest you join Instagram for your lead. 

Instagram is already the leading top 4th ranked social media platform in the world. The largest volume of the audience has a lot to achieve for your business, brand awareness, and also for personal branding.

Share this post with your friend or family who wants to join Instagram in 2022!!

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Post on Instagram in 2022

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