How to get organic traffic from google. | by Malik Ahmed

How to get organic traffic from google. For many people, the most effective way to grow your business is to increase your organic growth. You need to show up high in more searches than you’re currently ranking! That will be where your potential customers are going to find your blog post and learn about your topic of yours. If that doesn’t happen, they will move on to another website or site. It’s not good for any small business owner that they lose a few sales because they weren’t properly prepared

. So how can we increase organic traffic? Simple. As long as we have Google and Yahoo as major search engines in my target area (for this article, I’m using both), there is no reason why I would not be showing up in their search results. As we do well in each of those areas, it should only make sense that more traffic is coming in our direction. And since we run multiple blogs, we will definitely try to show up in several different ones too. We also have an Alexa Ranker account which gives us access to all sorts of tools for SEO (I use Semrush). This allows me to see what keywords are working for my specific topic and can assist with keyword research if needed.

However, how do you make sure that Google has found your content right? The easiest way for me is by making my articles SEO friendly. Because if one of your articles isn’t, and they’re not SEO friendly, this makes it hard for them to show up in the search results. And if your articles aren’t very SEO friendly, it shows up much lower! When we upload our articles on WordPress, we make sure to include meta tags at the bottom of the post. We use the “meta tag guide” which is put in by W3 Total Cache to make sure that meta tags match the post. With these tags in place, the search engine knows that the content that we used is suitable for search engines to crawl. This is important because Google wants to read the article, so if we don’t use these tags, then Google won’t know what this person is looking for! So, when they load our articles, they know that they will be able to find our content and then serve it to their users searching for similar topics.

So, with these little tips, I made sure that every post I wrote would be SEO-friendly, regardless of whether it was a blog or something else. But, now that I’m talking about writing, let’s get into things like optimizing our videos. Our YouTube channel is growing fast and we need to be doing everything possible to get the views so we can show up in their search results. One simple way we can do that is by adding videos to the description of our posts (as opposed to just putting a link at the top). We are always uploading new video descriptions and updating them regularly. In addition to that, we also add hashtags, we show off our Youtube logo and we do some other cool stuff on this channel.

Let me explain further…

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How to get organic traffic from google. | by Malik Ahmed

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