Fertilizer Delivery Begins To Normalize

August, 30, 2022 — The fertilizer delivery was one of the main issues of this year, to the whole world’s feeding but especially to those directly involved in agricultural production.

But fortunately the situation is not so bad as it could be, for many regions, especially Brazil, the world’s cellar, start to receive its average fertilizer loads, but at a greater cost.

The threat of famine can not be discarded neither ignored, for it is real, since many productions were delayed, but there is still time for chasing the loss and diminishing the impacts the lack of inputs has caused this year. Although the prices of various goods are tending to increase due to climate events and the La Ninamain cause for most of the current variations, the big picture is still unclean, but can’t be said to be optimistic.

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Fertilizer Delivery Begins To Normalize

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