Douglas Duren | Benefits of Social Media for Businesses | by Douglasduren

1. Direct communication with the target audience

You no longer need to randomly phone or email people to see whether they’re interested in your brand because of social media platforms. Your target audience may now be just a click away from you given that practically everyone uses social media. According to Douglas Duren, You may gain a significant amount of reach by using hashtags to place your brand immediately on the page of your target market.

Douglas Duren | Benefits of Social Media for Businesses

2. Gaining Popularity Easily

The capacity to draw attention is what counts most for those who work in the content and digital marketing industries. These individuals can find exactly what they’re searching for on social media platforms — increased visibility. Simple, entertaining duties like responding to questions, publishing times, and so forth would guarantee that you quickly become popular on these websites. Even if it takes some time to invest, the substantial returns make it worthwhile in the end.

3. Improved Traffic

Improved Traffic

Social media users come in a wide range of demographics, which expands the potential for diversified visitors. By tailoring social media to your needs, you can make sure that you get traffic and visitors from a variety of sources. Douglas Duren says, Since most people use their phones these days, it is very probable that someone may stumble across your business or body of work. The proper use of keywords and other SEO best practices would likewise guarantee more substantial and superior traffic.

4. Create a Lasting Image

Using social media is the greatest strategy if you want to ensure that your material makes a lasting impression on the viewer’s mind. Of course, individuals also read their emails. But how frequently do we come across folks who spend hours browsing through their emails? On the other hand, individuals adore wasting hours on their phones scrolling through social media. So, if you can effectively optimize your job there, you’ll probably leave your imprint.

Create a Lasting Image

5. Partnerships

Social media platforms may also help businesses by giving them the tools to cooperate with the right accounts. According to Douglas Duren, every social media platform now has a large number of influencers who are all willing to promote any product they think their audience would be interested in. Businesses seeking to expand frequently get in touch with these influencers, who run paid advertisements on their page and drive a lot of traffic to the client’s account.

6. Accessibility to Analysis Tools

The ability to dig into insights is another feature of social media that contributes to its relevance among companies and content producers. As a result, business and content accounts may examine their posts to determine which ones were most popular and why, as well as how to enhance their feed. For professional accounts on Instagram, there is a feature called post insights where one can examine which posts received the most saves, likes, or reaches.


Q. Why is social media so important in today’s society?

Ans. Social media’s ability to disseminate knowledge globally is one of its most significant effects in the modern world. According to Douglas Duren, Since the majority of people, these days use other social media sites, no important story can be allowed to die out without a meaningful conversation. Social media platforms serve as a unified group of different types of people in this way.


We should never undervalue social media’s significance or the enormous potential it offers its users, even while the issue of excessive social media use is up for debate. With the numerous advantages and confirmations of the significance of social media provided above, maybe you will be able to use these platforms as much as you can for your benefit.

Douglas Duren | Benefits of Social Media for Businesses | by Douglasduren

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