If you are already landed on this page that defines you are absorbed into the blogging journey and for sure you want more guides and tips to manage your blog in the sense of decent articles and optimizable articles. To help your needs, our focus is to give you the best solution to find your idea. Regarding that, we bring an advanced guide on how to boost and empower your Blogger SEO.

Advance Blogger SEO Guide

Blogging and content creation are rising industries inside the digital world. Millions of articles and content are published each day on google. Competition is massively high. Ranking your site on google becomes a complex factor. You need to adopt some tricks to get fruitful results.

What is a Blogger?

When talking both at the same time, they are free tools offered by Google to publish your blog content. 

Google provides free cloud hosting on the Blogger platform with free sub-domain example.blogspot.com.

If you are a beginner and just want to start blogging with free Domain and Hosting, then Google Blogger is a better choice for you.

Why SEO Is Important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization for your online content page that helps Google to find specific content relevant to searchers’ keywords.

Once you are done with your content, your further responsibility is to manage your content through the perspective of SEO so that you can deserve a better ranking on Google SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). 

During the preparation of your Blog content, must check the ON-Page SEO of your blog. ON-Page SEO Blog contains the quality articles, well-optimized focus Keyword, and meta value of that article.

If you are intending to set up a free SEO-friendly News Blog site into Blogger, then you can Go with EventMag Blogger Template, it’s absolutely free Blogger Templates.

SEO Tips: 9 killer Ways To Boost Blogger SEO

BlogSpot SEO
9 killer Ways To Boost Blogger SEO

You already get the basic idea of SEO as mentioned above. And right now our main target is to Optimize our Blogger SEO. It’s nothing hard but way more to dedication. 

We are night revealing here Overnight success tips, our content core mission is to direct you right and the proven path that leads to more and successive traffic plus good Google Ranking

As you know Rome was not built in one day, in the same way, your article takes time but ultimately if you follow our blogger SEO Tips, you will surely remember us every day. 

Here are 9 most influencing ways to Boost your Blogger SEO:-

  1. Create Strategic/Relevant Content
  2. Choose A Wise Title Name For Your Blog
  3. Maintaining Page Speed Helps To Boost blogger SEO
  4. Clever Keywords For blogger SEO
  5. Add Visual Elements
  6. Include An Enthralling CTA
  7. URL Optimization To Boost blogger SEO
  8. Create Custom Permalinks For Posts
  9. Internal And External Linking For blogger SEO

1. Create Strategic/Relevant Content

First of all, know the core concept of your blog. Under which Niche you are delivering content. Know your target audience. 

While creating content, a blogger should keep the audience in mind. Therefore, the needs of the audience should be the ultimate roadmap. Content without holding any relevancy will not create any buzz despite it being “good” content.

Few things to consider while creating content:

  • Find what people are searching for
  • Choose the people who you want to reach
  • To create content for your chosen set of users

Google always prioritize the need of their user and the Search Engine also works to put forward the most relevant and meaningful content to its user so that user can benefit all the way they need. 

2. Choose A Wise Title Name For Your Blog

Definitely, we can say titles are your first impression. It’s your duty not to kill the first attention of your audience with the irrelevant and clumsy Blog Title Name

For instance, how many times have you skipped reading a news story only by looking at the headline? Probably, too many times. In the same way, inside the blogging world, you need to pick an enticing title to grab the attention of your reader.

Thus be a little creative, and play with the words while picking the title of your blog. Also, do not forget to use Power words while they grab the instant attention of your readers and encourage them to click on your blog article

3. Maintaining Page Speed Helps To Boost Blogger SEO

The page speed of your blog content is another way to rank factors. Site slowed problems may lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your site and you will lose your potential readers in the end. 

Using visual elements on your blog can affect page speed. Therefore to enhance the blog and add additional options, plug-ins come in handy. But even the overuse of them might slow down the page speed resulting in a sluggish website. Again, a blogger should look out for codes that hold no significance and should remove them to save his/her page from slowing down.

To rescue yourself from this, decide the sets of plug-ins you need day-to-day to keep your blogs running and separate the temporary plug-ins and consequently uninstall them immediately when their task is done.

4. Clever Keywords For Blogger SEO

Keywords mean the word or phrase that searchers type on the search bar of the search engine. It’s your duty to do some core research on your keyword and pick the clever keyword for your article.

Once you trigger your focus keyword, then Google gets some hint about your content and indexes your site on top of SERP if searchers match your keyword or synonyms of your keywords.

So exercise some relevant keywords from your competitor’s pages and find out your target audience.

5. Add Visual Elements

Search engines like Google prefer some visuals to keywords. The most common visual elements used are images and videos. Sometimes you might also need to create a video graphic or snippet to create a higher impact and use Alt text to give a descriptive review. Alt-text is also essential for visually impaired people to have a positive experience.

6. Include An Enthralling CTA

Call To Action is a marketing term for any design to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale. It is a link on your webpage that entices someone to take a certain action on your site. This Action can be subscribing to your site, downloading an eBook mentioned on your blog(which as a result will help you to aid the buzz to your site.)

The relevancy should be maintained so that the flow is maintained. CTAs come in different forms, so be free to experiment with them. Some common CTAs are buttons, hyperlinks, and widgets with their respective purposes.

7. URL Optimization To Boost Blogger SEO

Uniform Resource Locator(URL) is one of the key concepts of the web and, it also plays a vital role to rank your site on Google.

Tips to create an apt URL:

  1. Make your URL readable and Comprehensible.
  2. Canonicalize your URLs to prevent duplication of your content.
  3. Include one or two of your target keywords.
  4. Do not use capitals.
  5. Enable search description

Google no longer uses meta descriptions to rank content. It now uses search descriptions, which is the summary of the post that appears in the search rank.

Its main benefit is that. It can be read by the search engine.

How to enable:

a) Sign in to your account

b) In the left sidebar, click on settings

c) Go to meta tags.

8. Create Custom Permalinks For Posts

Permalink is a URL intended to remain unchanged for many years in the future. Permalinks are often rendered easily.

How to create permalink:

a) Create a new blog post or edit a previous one.

b) In the right-hand sidebar click on custom permalink.

9. Internal And External Linking For Blogger SEO

Firstly, Internal linking refers to the function of linking from one page of your website to another page of your site. It helps Google crawlers to crawl your pages subsequently.

That means you are helping Google to find your pages technically and also your readers can navigate your content of what they want.

Secondly, External linking(aka Outbound Link) refers to the function of linking another website to your blog content. This is how you can increase your credibility inside Google as an authentic source.

Overall, it’s your mandatory duty to prove to Google that you deserve to be on SERPs on top ranking and you can also serve valuable content to your audience.

So, don’t miss those all SEO TIPS to get a better result. Use the trial and error method, once you try and you will improve surely.

Final Thoughts about Blogger SEO

Blogger is the basic way to be more powerful inside blogging Journey. You can share your thoughts, learn the fundamental core of blogging, content writingcontent creation. Once you begin from this, you can then migrate later on to WordPress for your advanced career.

Blogger lacks many features of optimizing as it is a free tool. Limitations of optimizing will create some hassles to your work but if you rightly follow our Tips, we are sure you will increase your traffic toward your site and can generate decent revenue in the end.

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In the end, if you find any issues when creating a blog and SEO-related then without any hesitation you can drop your questions to our comment box. We are here for you all the time!!

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    Bloggers usually nail down all the seo details but forget the most important factor which is writing detailed content that accurately answers any questions or fulfills the blog post title promise. Excellent job my friend.

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