As the 14th anniversary of buying my domain and hosting arrives within a week I want you to benefit from blogging life lessons learned along the way.

Deciding to start a blog remains one of the best decisions I ever made right after marrying Kelli and deciding to circle the globe as a full time digital nomad.

Blogging frees you by eventually forcing you to release your deepest fears. Expressing yourself creatively to help others sparks a sense of fulfillment unlike any I have ever known.

Take these blogging life lessons with you on your journey.

1: Trust Yourself

Trust deeply in yourself.

Developing a sense of trust in self far greater than anything in the world is the way to succeed.

During lean years, I doubted myself. During prospering times, I trusted myself.

Everything expands or contracts blogging-wise based on your self-trust.

I only struggled during my 14 year career when I:

  • doubted myself
  • feared that I did not have the skills, abilities or exposure to succeed
  • harshly judged myself
  • needlessly criticized myself

Everything went to custard because I virtually destroyed myself in a flurry of self-hate. Make no mistake about it; doubting yourself is self-hate, manifest. Even seemingly light, petty self-judgment reveals deeper, boiling, infernal rage fueling self-hate, on an unconscious level.

Face fears fueling doubts. Starve self-doubting tendencies by feeling emotions in your mind creating self-doubts.

Clearing self-doubt impels you to trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Be your number one cheerleader.

Trusting yourself is the way to:

  • freedom
  • peace
  • serenity
  • worldly success

I believe in you.

Now it is time for you to believe in yourself.

Don’t give up on blogging because you feel like going pro is impossible. Never frame your dreams as if each is a pipe dream for some lunatic to ponder. Don’t doubt your potential to develop blogging skills because you are currently holding a full time job.

Believe in your ability to practice blogging to become highly skilled, credible and connected.

Trust yourself.

2: Trust the Blogging Process

Even though everything happens at the perfect time, a little part of my mind wonders where I would be if I did not:

  • panic
  • bail
  • change strategies
  • doubt the blogging process

on and off for almost a decade.

Failing becomes part of succeeding because bloggers almost always doubt the blogging process of creating targeted content and building strong relationships, for at least some stretch during their online careers. I sometimes trusted the blogging process, experienced sweet success and literally bailed on doing what worked for some delusional idea in mind. Subsequently, I punished myself with struggles and failure because I did not trust deeply in the blogging process.

I predominantly turned things around but only because I faced, felt and released fears fueling doubts in the blogging process. Follow this simple but sometimes uncomfortable strategy to trust pro bloggers who advise that going pro is:

  • creating highly-detailed, in-depth, SEO-optimized posts (through a self-hosted WordPress dot org blog)
  • building strong relationships with bloggers from your niche by helping them
  • monetizing through multiple income channels

Literally, going full time hinges on these 3 steps. However, each step divides into many steps that pros know, teach and flat out drill into your untrusting, doubtful blogging mind.

For example, most beginner bloggers will fully doubt that pro blogging depends on those 3 steps. Refusing to trust 14 years of pro blogging experience sends them on an egoic wild goose chase leading to years of blogging struggles, failing and in most cases, quitting. If these new bloggers simply trusted:

  • me
  • my 14 years of blogging experience
  • the 3 step blogging process
  • the sub-steps I teach through my blogging courses, manuals and blog posts

each beginner blogger would slowly, surely and steadily succeed.

Whatever you do in life, learn from a seasoned pro how to do it successfully in order to deeply trust the process.

Trusting the process develops:

  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence
  • detachment

Embodying these qualities creates freedom, peace, joy and success for you.

3: Do an Excellent Job Every Time

After 14 years of blogging I finally fully accepted how optimizing all posts for SEO:

  • targets the only traffic that I want; Google traffic consisting of bloggers desiring blogging tips and organic, blogging tips hungry traffic from anywhere on the web
  • drives passive traffic around the clock for me to truly enjoy a life of freedom
  • makes each blog post work for me while I work a little bit less to enjoy more time offline

However, SEO-optimizing all posts requires me to:

  • spend 3-4 hours writing, editing and then publishing a post
  • patiently add as many practical tips as possible to a post
  • format each post with images, headers, a video or podcast and proper internal and external linking

In a nutshell, I learned how doing your absolute best job every time accelerates freedom, success and a sense of accomplishment.

I also learned that not doing your best job by writing thin, non-targeted, 600 word posts accelerates being bound, mediocrity or failure and a sense of feeling unfulfilled if not depressed.

Virtually all short form posts I published generated a traffic surge then died a few days after the publish date. Few of these posts sent:

  • highly targeted traffic
  • passive traffic
  • clients
  • customers

to Blogging From Paradise.

I basically created a job during time periods when I only published thin content because I traded time for traffic and money. Little of what I did worked for me around the clock on its own. I had to sit in front of a laptop to experience any success because once I stepped away from the laptop, nothing happened.

Eventually, I:

  • engaged in blogger outreach
  • SEO-optimized all posts
  • opened passive income channels

to do the best job possible creating a business asset versus working an online job 100% dependent on trading time for success.

Do the best job possible with whatever you do. Drill down to cover all details. Go in-depth. Practice. Become highly skilled.

In a world of mindlessness you will stand out by being mindful, by paying great attention to detail and by going the extra mile.

4: Create a Vision

Blogging taught me to build a vision to see beyond today.

Blogging with a heavy attachment to outcomes corrupts your blogging career because no one succeeds by digging up the seed they planted 5 minutes ago, allowing the seed to scorch in the sun.

I suffered through lean blogging times because I blogged to survive versus blogging to thrive. I blogged to secure a daily salary. Of course, failure followed because blogging is a business not a job.

Creating a vision goaded me to see beyond just surviving today in order to thrive in the future.

Instead of panicking based on:

  • inevitable daily blogging fluctuations
  • long stretches of minimal traffic and profits
  • the seeming low lows following the high highs of blogging

I let my vision guide me through sometimes volatile blogging circumstances.

Someone once said that people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in a decade.  Creating a vision keeps you realistic in the short term and hopeful for exponential growth during the long term.

Visualize your most freeing dream life. Allow this image to guide you through life’s twists and turns until your dreams come true.

People without a vision get bullied by circumstances.

Visionaries see circumstances as fleeting mile markers as they patiently make their dreams come true.

5: Observe Your Mind Truthfully

The 3 most painful but freeing words I ever uttered concerning my blogging campaign are:

“I was wrong”.

I was wrong about:

  • picking my first blogging niche
  • sticking to cheap hosting even though my old blog took 30 seconds to load and crashed upwards of 50 times daily
  • not optimizing all posts for SEO
  • resisting design changes
  • keeping my eBooks on Amazon for 8 years
  • writing and self-publishing 126 eBooks that never got the attention they deserved versus selling 9 to show each one adequate love

Observing my mind honestly is the only way I owned my:

which allowed me to own and correct all of my blogging mistakes.

Until you have the intimately personal experience of triggering your deepest, darkest fears after blogging for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours for a year only to see a few dollars of income through one channel it seems almost impossible to see your mind truthfully. Feeling your deepest fears reveals truth to you while living in fear-aversive comfort deludes you into living an illusory, make-believe, fantasy life.

Either you observe your mind truthfully to correct blogging errors and succeed or lie to yourself and fail permanently until you quit. Or, either you see yourself in the light of truth to face fear and to be happy, free and peaceful or lie to yourself to avoid fear and be unhappy, bound and to live a chaotic life bouncing up and down on the sea of circumstance.

See yourself truthfully to be free.

6: Help People for their Benefit Do Not Use them for Your Benefit

The world teaches you to use people to get things.

Becoming am ethical, moral, free professional blogger hinges on helping people with virtually no expectations. From there, people slowly but surely mirror your generous help back to you via boosting your blogging income.

Even though no blogger is truly altruistic since we live worldly lives with professional ambitions cultivating a predominant attitude of being:

  • generous
  • detached from outcomes
  • almost completely lost in the blogging process of creating and connecting

is how to go pro and sleep well at night.

However, some bloggers – me included at times – place too much emphasis on:

  • getting
  • receiving
  • outcomes like traffic and profits

Unfortunately, some frightened bloggers clearly teach how to use people for your benefit. I do not need to explain the one time common blogger outreach approach of mass emailing generic templates designed to use professional bloggers for getting high quality, Do Follow backlinks. This is just one example of scared bloggers who dehumanize people in an approach to get either traffic, links or money.

I gradually migrated from trying to use people to get things towards helping people for their benefit. Trusting the blogging process steadily proved that benefitted individuals increase your blogging income by:

  • buying your courses and eBooks
  • hiring you
  • promoting you
  • endorsing you
  • increasing your referral blogging business

In an upside down thinking world, think right side up.

Help people for their benefit to be happy, free and successful.

Address any aspect of your life where you appear to be using people for your benefit. Reverse this habit. Clear your conscious.

Be peaceful. Have fun helping people. Allow the process to care for you as you care for other human beings.

Bonus Tip: People Pleasing Leads to Unhappiness, Struggles and Failure

I recall 2 loyal Blogging From Paradise readers who told me that I needed to keep comments open because each missed dropping comments on the blog.

3 months later, after each reader published 4 comments collectively, 1000’s upon 1000’s of spam comments littered my spam and trash folders, consumed server resources, wasted my time and energy and actually decreased my blogging success.

Since I feared losing 2 readers I attempted to please 2 people by keeping comments open. Unfortunately, since I did not carefully observe the preferences of 100’s to 1000’s of Blogging From Paradise readers I paid the price by decelerating my success while accelerating my headaches.

People pleasing killed aspects of my blogging campaign for months or years. However, facing the fear of criticism goaded me to trust my intuition and listen to the whole before making any blogging decision.

People pleasing causes depression, resentment, rage and a crippling sense of guilt guaranteed to ruin your life.

Stop bending over backwards to try to make people happy. People you attempt to please only become happy based on their personal decisions independent of your actions. People pleasing backfires in every case because you sacrifice your happiness to:

  • be unappreciated
  • be ignored
  • waste your time
  • waste your energy

Be happy now independent of any person. Follow your fun. Please yourself, first.

Life is your state of mind independent of anything in the world. If harsh critics or happy, loyal readers, customers and clients visit your blog you will be happy either way because their reactions will not alter your predominant happy state. Nor will you make the mistake of believing that you can control someone’s mind, state of being and overall wellness based on trying to please them.


Enjoy these blogging life lessons, guys.

Blogging is a fun, freeing and sometimes challenging journey that teaches you heaps when you stick around to learn from it.

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