Blogging helps small business owners stand out.Earning trust by publishing helpful content converts targeted readers into customers and clients.Unfortunately, most small business owners who blog only see the medium as a way to aggressively promote their venture.Using a blogging bullhorn to shout your small business to the mountain tops simply does not work as a viable strategy.

Sophisticated readers, prospective customers and potential clients ignore this approach because they have seen its uselessness for quite a long time.Sharing detailed value opens potentially prospering business doors.

Smart Blogging Tips for Small Business

Blogging distances you from other entrepreneurs in your business niche.

Publishing free, in-depth, targeted blog posts:

  • gains reader trust
  • boosts your credibility
  • drives qualified blog traffic
  • grows small business revenue both directly and through referral business

Most small business owners waste time and energy trying to convince people versus helping people for free to earn their trust.Blogging effectively earns trust to save your time and energy. Literally, customers and clients will come to you if you patiently build a small business resource through highly detailed blog content.

Attracting Versus Chasing Business

One prominent blogger I know joined a mainstream coaching program temporarily.

She had already spent years growing her small business by patiently publishing in-depth blog posts and podcasts to her blog. Clients and customers found her blog through Google, Facebook and other online channels. This professional blogger attracted business by establishing her expertise. She used her time intelligently, effectively and efficiently to grow her small business.

However, mentors from the mainstream coaching program she joined taught students to:

  • chase strangers
  • try to convince and manipulate untargeted individuals with fear, guilt and scarcity
  • waste hours, days and weeks literally creating random numbers of strangers to chase, convince and manipulate, almost none of which grew their small businesses

Small business entrepreneurs who follow this mainstream tactic use their time unintelligently, ineffectively and inefficiently. As a rule, almost every other entrepreneur in the program did not run a blog. These entrepreneurs owned nothing online to prove their:

  • credibility
  • expertise
  • authority
  • knowledge
  • helpfulness

Imagine trying to build a thriving small business by trying to convince a stranger that you can be trusted every time you contact a stranger, from scratch, or, from square one?

Blogging solves this insane problem in sane fashion.

Follow these blogging tips for small business success.

1: Build Posts Around Keywords

Publish blog posts based on keywords queried by ideal customers and clients.

Cover in-demand topics for people interested in your small business.Do keyword research through Google. Select long-tail keywords related to your venture to drive highly targeted traffic to your blog.Blog like an entrepreneur. Grow your small business by tailoring each post to drive targeted people to your blog. Interested readers tend to evolve into customers and clients.

Practical Tips

  • find long tail keywords with sites like Google, Answer the Public and Uber Suggest
  • create a list of niche specific keywords queried by people interested in your small business
  • publish posts based on these keywords to drive highly targeted readers to your blog

Target every post you publish to grow your small business.

2: Optimize Posts for SEO

Optimize all posts for SEO to drive Google traffic.

In addition to building posts around keywords queried by customers and clients, optimizing posts for SEO involves:

  • writing 1500 plus words per post
  • adding a rich collection of practical tips to posts
  • drilling down to create in-depth content
  • formatting posts for easy reading
  • using frequent paragraphs
  • crafting short, punchy sentences
  • using headers and bullet point lists to improve the user experience

Frame posts as rich resources to build your small business.Set aside 3-4 hours or more to properly write, edit and publish blog posts.Optimizing posts for SEO:

  • drives targeted, passive Google traffic
  • increases time spent onsite
  • drives referral business

Perceive each post to be a business-building asset. Effectively-optimized posts increase small business profits around the clock via passive, targeted, organic blog traffic.

Do a fabulous job now to grow your small business exponentially over the long haul.

3: Publish Frequently

Publish blog posts at least weekly to keep readers current.

Consider publishing 2-3 posts per week if you can create detailed content on this prolific schedule.

See your blog as a small business industry resource. Posting frequently establishes your business credibility. People interested in your niche follow current blogs offering the latest trends from your small business sector.

Refrain from trying to publish posts daily because few if any bloggers can publish 1500 word, highly optimized content on a daily basis.Focus on blog post quality over quantity to build your reputation. Earn credibility by publishing only rich resources through every blog post.Publishing posts frequently increases targeted traffic and profits.

Leave your blogging comfort zone. Be prolific to grow your small business slowly but steadily.

4: Listen to Client and Customer Feedback

Tune into customer feedback.

Listen closely to clients.

Create posts that solve customer and client problems.Publishing problem-solving content grows business by giving interested parties what they want. Creating posts to solve problems suffered by small business customers also drives passive, targeted Google traffic.

Pay close attention to:

  • emails
  • blog comments
  • social media messages
  • social media comments

Spot pain points. Listen to complaints. Write in-depth, detailed blog posts to solve small business problems.For example, small business owners tend to struggle with building their ventures through blogging. Publishing this post clearly solves problems suffered by entrepreneurs who blog. In addition to driving Google traffic more than a few small business bloggers may find this post through:Targeting blog traffic grows small business for Blogging From Paradise.

Before publishing any post make sure that the post solves a pressing small business need.

5: Refrain from Over Promotion

Small business owners make the common error of over promoting their ventures.

Excessively promoting your business repels customers and clients who prefer that you promote what you know for free versus shoving your venture down their throats.

The easiest way to grow your small business through blogging is to publish in-depth, optimized content that:

  • helps readers
  • proves your knowledge
  • benefits prospective customers and clients

People who trust your free help tend to buy your stuff and hire you.The best way to promote your small business is to share what you know freely. Helping people with detailed content earns you trust. Trusting readers support your small business.Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs who blog think upside down. Thinking upside down makes blogs essentially running advertisements for small business.

Observe bloggers who publish posts only to promote their:

  • small business
  • products
  • services
  • business benefits
  • business features

Note how virtually no one follows these blogs closely.


People need to trust you before they hire you or buy your online course. How can anyone trust you if you never prove your knowledge?Readers need your free help, not another commercial for your small business.

Imagine finding a blog which seems to be a running online commercial. How can you trust the blogger if the individual only promotes their small business? How did they solve your problems for free if they only promise you success by promoting their business? How can you trust them if they never give you anything for you to: for your immediate and long term benefit?

Anyone who reads this blog post quickly understands that Blogging From Paradise serves as a blogging tips resource. Prospective bloggers access a wide array of free, in-depth, detailed and targeted blog posts here. If anyone desires to learn more about Blogging From Paradise small business online courses and manuals each reader can freely click the “courses” and “manuals” tab to learn more.

Detailed, targeted blog content promotes small businesses. Bloggers who publish SEO-optimized, in-depth content do not need to promote their business because the content handles the job for them.

Of course, feel free to mention your products and services at the end of each blog post. But know that hyper-targeting your readership with long form blog content promotes your small business passively through the quality of your blog posts.

One 1500 word, properly optimized blog post promotes a small business 100 times more effectively than 50 small business commercials masquerading as blog posts.

6: Network with Small Business Owners Who Blog

Network with bloggers from your small business niche.

Connected bloggers thrive.Long wolf bloggers struggle, fail and quit in most cases.Connected bloggers drive referral blogging business.For example, the flagship Blogging From Paradise manual experienced a 12 fold sales increase after a prominent blogging friend promoted the eBook via her blog. She boosted referral business by reviewing the eBook favorably for her community.

Blogger outreach established the bond leading to referral business.One small business owner can only do so much. However, a loyal community of entrepreneurs working together to help one another collectively amplifies blogging success for every active, generous member of the community.

Practical Tips

  • comment genuinely on small business blogs within your niche
  • promote small business owners from your niche on your blog
  • promote bloggers from your niche on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • guest post on small business blogs from your niche
  • accept guest posts submitted by successful bloggers from your niche

Grow a strong blogger network to thrive as a small business owner.


Networking is one often overlooked blogging duty.What does a blogger do?Listen to this podcast to find out:


Blogging serves as a small business asset if you blog effectively.Use blogging to help prospective customers and clients for free.Earn their trust to build a thriving small business.

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