3 Simple Steps to Narrow Down What Your Life Purpose is | by Jaana Schuler

Ready to finally begin heading in the right direction?

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Discovering who you’re meant to be and what you’re supposed to accomplish can prove to be a difficult challenge that many succumb to giving up on before starting. For some, their purpose in life never crosses their mind and they live their days in a blind-haze that never quite meets a thrilling, passionate, or fulfilling moment.

Sit and reflect on the life you’re living now.

To get you started, answer the ‘five W’s’:

  1. Who am I spending most of my time with?
  2. What are some obstacles that prevent me from attaining my fullest potential?
  3. Where can I realistically work/live that brings both joy and success?
  4. When are changes expected to begin showing up?
  5. Why do I feel the need to change my life?

Thinking about your life from different angles, where you’re stuck, and why you need to change will open up the doors to clarify the clouds that obstruct your view on where you need to be headed.

If you look to the top 5 friends you spend most of your time around, chances are that you mimic almost, if not all, of their behaviours and may not even realize it. Study how they utilize time for their own personal growth and determine if you could see yourself with them in 3-5 years from now.

Is it a future that you’re excited for, or one that you’ll settle on?

Find a somebody who you respect, and who you can relate to through the struggle.

Whether it’s a mentor you know personally, or even a person known online for their success (I’ve built up my motivation from listening to a lot of George Doumanian) find yourself somebody that has gone through challenges that you’re able to relate to.

Being able to feel that another person has suffered your pain, and triumphed victoriously over it, lends a sense of relief to the difficulties you encounter along the way. Plus, absorbing their wisdom will pull you through to the other-side like a champ.

Take action.

After meditating, pondering, and being mentored- taking action is the next (and final) step. Step out into the real world and begin meeting people, exploring hobbies, and progress to work more productively.

Check off each small goal on your list, while figuring out what works best for you and what doesn’t along the way.

3 Simple Steps to Narrow Down What Your Life Purpose is | by Jaana Schuler

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